“Consider the Alternative” Film Screening at Fremont’s Keene Memorial Library
Books Are Just the Beginning at Fremont’s Keene Memorial Library and the September 16 Screening of “Consider the Alternative” proves that the library is at the center of community engagement efforts. Produced by Nebraska Loves Public Schools (NElovesPS), the film explores education reform and provides an understanding of the current landscape of public education in […]
Books and so much more! at the Yutan Public Library
The Paper Engineers Program (5th Grade and older) will create a3D paper sculpture of a lotus flower. This program will introduce complex paper folding techniques on September 29 at 4:00 p.m. at the Yutan Public Library. For more information see http://libraries.ne.gov/yutan/2015/09/08/paper-engineers-program/.
Language Learning at Central City Public Library Shows that Books Are Just the Beginning
Register for Cool Mango Languages Prizes Throughout September @ Central City Public Library! Stop in throughout September and register for some really cool Mango Languages prizes!! We’re giving away t-shirts, drawstring bags, coffee mugs, water bottles, and ear buds! 🌟👍 ‪#‎MangoLanguages‬ is an online language and culture learning resource that’s available to you anywhere, 24/7 […]

In Nebraska Libraries: Books are Just the Beginning

Libraries across Nebraska offer so much to the community! Our libraries offer books and so much more–digital resources (including eBooks and audiobooks), access to computers with broadband connection, community events and activities, and recreational resources. Nebraska libraries are lifelong educational partners in our Nebraska communities.

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