Community Garage Sale in Wayne Public Library Parking Lot
Books are just the beginning at Wayne Public Library–the library is a community center. the library is staging a community garage sale in the parking lot. Library customers can check out garage sale pricing books to value those items out in the library parking lot, whether they are buying or selling. See https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1096983663664383&id=303589999670424 for more […]
NEST 529 Scholarship Drawing Shows How Books Are Just the Beginning in Nebraska Libraries
Fifteen young readers, five in each of Nebraska’s three congressional districts, will be randomly drawn from those who complete a library summer reading program. Each winner will receive $529 in a NEST college savings account. As places for learning, libraries are a natural partner for NEST—helping to illustrate the importance of children and their parents setting aside […]
Books Are Just the Beginning with Movies at Valparaiso Public Library
SATURDAY KIDS’ MOVIE PARTY is fun for the whole family at Valparaiso Public Library. A fun activity, free popcorn, and a movie every second Saturday, all summer long. Find out more at http://libraries.ne.gov/valparaiso/2015/05/13/put-these-june-july-aug-saturday-movies-on-your-calendar/

In Nebraska Libraries: Books are Just the Beginning

Libraries across Nebraska offer so much to the community! Our libraries offer books and so much more–digital resources (including eBooks and audiobooks), access to computers with broadband connection, community events and activities, and recreational resources. Nebraska libraries are lifelong educational partners in our Nebraska communities.

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